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Sentey Arvina Case Review: Page 4 of 4

For a full tower case it really it doesn’t look that large. Don’t let this fool you though because it is definitely a full tower case. This case comes in blue, black or red and they all have a gloss finish. This case has a steel frame with plastic panels on the front, top and bottom. By B. Ramirez

Arvina Conclusion

This is the part of the review where I get to give you my final thoughts and go over some of the things that Sentey could have done better. This case does come with quite a few features and does have a very reasonable price tag. With that being said there are definitely some areas that Sentey could have improved on.

Let me start with the build quality. This is where this case really doesn’t measure up to many of the other cases in this category. The plastic and the steel construction just feel quite cheap. With the front and top panels removed we were able to see just how thin and flimsy the plastic was. It won’t stand up to being moved around a lot and I really can’t see anyone trying to mod them without running into problems with it cracking. As far as the steel frame goes it also feels very thin and cheap. A full tower case is usually going to house some high end hardware and I just wouldn’t feel very confident housing expensive hardware in this case. It’s fine if you don’t plan on moving it around, but even with my full tower case I have to occasionally move it to clean around and under it. It would have also been nice if they had included some wheels to make it easier to move it without having to pick it up and carry it.

Another major gripe that I have is that the fans on this case are quite inadequate for most uses. They just don’t move enough air. This is a major problem for a full tower case that’s going to be housing some high end hardware. High end hardware usually generates a lot of heat and if the fans aren’t able to move enough air you’re going to run into overheating issues very quickly. Water cooling is an option, but you have to take into account the build quality again. A decent water cooling system is going to add weight to your rig and the build quality of this case may not be able to hold the extra weight. I’m currently using an extra thick radiator for my system and I wouldn’t feel comfortable installing something like that in this case. This may just be my paranoia, but you have to keep in mind that the system is going to get moved from time to time. This case just doesn’t feel sturdy enough to handle a custom water cooling system.

This case has plenty of routing holes to hide your cables behind the motherboard tray, but what’s the point when you can’t put your side panel back on without having it noticeably bow out? This was another problem with this case. There just isn't any amount of cable management that allowed us to put the side panel back on without having it bow out. This just isn’t acceptable for a case that allows for such excellent cable management. I really hate having to put a case down like this, but these are the problems that we had with it. This case also features a fan controller at the top of the case, but all you can do is turn your fans on or off. This isn’t really much of a fan controller and just seems like a bit of an afterthought on Sentey’s part. They really should have taken more time to produce a better product. It’s true that this case would probably cost a bit more with the changes that I’m suggesting, but it would definitely be worth it. This really has the potential to be an outstanding full tower case; they just didn’t give it the quality that it deserves.

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