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Sapphire Ultimate Silent HD 7750 Review

For the average PC user this card will be more than adequate and deliver outstanding performance for a fairly reasonable price. It also won't become intolerably noisy when playing games. In fact, it won't make any noise at all as it has no moving parts. This is the perfect card for s silent running HTPC. By B. Ramirez

This is the latest card from AMD and Sapphire. It's Sapphire's new HD 7750 and it features a fanless heat sink for completely silent cooling. We've seen a few different silent cooling solutions over the years and we'll see if this one is any different. In our experience those types of solutions haven't really worked all that well because they've forced the card to be underclocked in order to keep temperatures down. They've also been very hot and have lead to artifacting and instability issues. Let's see if this one is any different.

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