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Sapphire Radeon Toxic HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 Review: Page 3 of 8

IF you are looking for an HD 6870 for your system, the Sapphire Toxic Edition is a solid player in the game, excellent cooling, performance and overclocking abound. By Elric Phares

Toxic Features

  • Vapor-X cooler
  • 970MHz core clock
  • 1150MHz memory clock
  • Black Diamond Choke and Full Solid Cap design
  • Sapphire TriXX Utility                                   

Sapphire has taken the unique step of designing a patent pending choke, which is 10% cooler and offers 25% more power efficiency than a normal choke. They call this technology Black Diamond Chokes. They also use a full Solid Cap design, which uses only high-polymer, aluminum capacitors on their card, which have up to 50000 hours lifetime.

Vapor-X is their cooling method for cooling the card. This uses something akin to heatpipe technology. A liquid coolant is vaporized at a hot surface; the resulting vapor is condensed at a cold surface then the liquid is returned to the hot surface. Sapphire uses a copper plate in direct contact to the graphics card. This offers cooler operating temperatures on the HD 6870 Toxic and allowed Sapphire to overclock the card out of the box.

Sapphire decided to take the HD 6870 and make it “Toxic”. Their default clock speed for the card is 970MHz for the core and 1150MHz for the memory. This is a jump up from the 900MHz core and 1150MHz memory frequency of the reference card.  The memory frequency is quadrupled to the use of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit memory interface. The total memory bandwidth on this card is 147.2GB/second.

Sapphire has an overclocking utility that they introduced in 2005 called TriXX. TriXX operates much like AMD’s Overdrive with additional options that only works on Sapphire cards. It’s an interesting utility that offers four presets, which you can test, and load. The TriXX utility gives you control of the core clock, the memory clock, the voltages, shows all of the information on the card including the model number and Fillrate, gives you control of the fans etc. The only thing it does not have is an automatic overclocking utility.

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