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Sapphire RADEON HD 6970 Bad Company 2 Vietnam Edition Review: Page 5 of 7

Sapphire busts out of the gate with an exclusive Bad Company 2 Vietnam Edition RADEON HD 6970 that is going to fly off the shelves this holiday season! By Benjamin Sun


Aliens Versus Predator is one of the first titles to support DirectX 11 Tessellation. The Alien characters have increased geometric detail compared to non-tessellated Aliens and the Predator characters also have tessellation used on them. The HD 6970 runs AVP at a playable frame rate with 8x MSAA, and EQAA turned on.

HAWX 2 is another title, this one with 1.5 million triangles in the terrain alone that makes extensive use of tessellation. This game is a bit controversial in that AMD asks that reviewers not use it but it’s a released game and performance on the HD 6970 is great. This game is fully playable as well at the 1920x1200 resolution on the HD 6970.

Call of Duty Black Ops is one of those games that define great gameplay without needing super DirectX 11 graphics. In fact, the engine uses DirectX 9.0 as its base. The game is set during the 1960s during the Kennedy Administration and Vietnam. The game is fully playable on the HD 6970 with playable frame rates throughout 1920x1200 8x MSAA 16x AF settings through the entire game.

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