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Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 1GB DDR5 Video Card Review

If you are on a sub $200.00 budget and are a fan of the AMD name brand, you may find interest in this card as it performs in the range it was targeted at runs very quiet, and offers decent performance and low operating temperatures. By Elric Phares

There was a time when choosing a video card was not really a difficult choice, as there were not that many cards to confuse the end user as to what to purchase, but that time has now passed. Buying a video card now means making a lot of decisions beyond just what your wallet can afford as the options can be difficult to choose from and there are many, many cards that are priced within a $10-20 range of each other making choice a wider ballpark than ever before. For the high-end enthusiast money is only an option if you are broke and there are only a few very Top Line cards to choose from in the extreme range, but if you are looking for a mid range card there are an enormous amount of cards to choose from, and today another is being added to that list.

Today AMD releases their new RADEON HD 6790 another entry into the fray known as the mid level card market. AMD has had a huge success with buying out the ATI brand and still continuing to complete strongly in all areas of the VGA market under the new AMD moniker. The new HD 6790 is aimed at the under $200.00 price point, which currently the golden spot for sales as with a crippled and weak economy the all mighty dollar has become harder to obtain, and therefore harder to translate into solid sales numbers.  This card is geared to compete price wise with NVIDIA’s 550 Ti series almost apple to apple, but within a small price variance there are many other cards to choose from, the NVIDIA 560 Ti and AMD 68 series cards are all within a few dollars of each other as well. In some ways this is good for the consumer as both the main players are in a tight pitched battle for your money, which makes prices drop and consumers happy. Lets dig a bit deeper into the new RADEON HD 6790 and see what’s under the hood, how fast it is, how hot is it, and at the end of the worth your money as the end user.

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