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Sapphire HD 7970 Dual-X Video Card Review And Benchmarks

Superior cooling and instant overclocking make the Sapphire Dual-X HD 7970 a step above the usual reference based cards and having the protection of its dual BIOS makes it very overclocker friendly, always a great thing! By Elric Phares

When it comes to making the choice of what video card to buy we all know that model and series makes a difference, but to some flexibility and cooling rate right along with those factors in their buying decision. With that mind set what type of things does a user start looking for? Overclocking and custom cooling solutions are very important to the enthusiast and gamer who wants their cards to be highly overclockable, but also have the ability to still run cool enough not to burn up when ran in that state. Taking that in mind Sapphire has developed a card to appease the most demanding group of users in the world, the overclocker and extreme gamer.

That card is the new Sapphire HD 7970 Dual-X card that features switchable dual BIOS chips, and dual cooling fans all on one PCB for maximum cooling and overclock stability. Sapphire one of the premiere AMD partners and a company that not only makes GPUs, they now also have their own line of motherboards based on a variety of industry standard chipsets both Intel and AMD surprisingly. Many people don't know this little insider secret, but Sapphire now has most of the design team from EVGA who made such classic boards for them in the past. Enough of that though, lets jump in and see just what this new card is all about.

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