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Rosewill THOR V2-White Edition Case Review: Page 3 of 4

The Thor V2 White is a quality case with a lot of features that allow you to go big while still keeping everything cool. Being able to fit XL-ATX motherboards, multiple 12"+ video cards and maintaiThis was my first experience with a Rosewill case and I was pleasantly surprised with the look, feel and performance. By Elric Phares

THOR V2-White Features

This case accommodates unto XL-ATX motherboards, so consider this case if you are planning on installing a large board or running multiple video cards.  The Thor can accommodate video cards up to 12.99" long and since there are 10 expansion slots you could easily run 2/3/4 way SLI or Crossfire.  Most motherboards are only going to support up to 8 slots so the additional spots could be used for rear e-SATA, USB or FireWireire ports.  The expansion slots are secured with black thumb screws for added stability and security.

Rosewill has made the installation of the 5.25" and 3.5" drives even easier by combining a tool-less system with a quickly removable front bezel.  With this case you don't need to remove the entire front bezel and risk breaking off any plastic tabs in the process.  The right side of the bezel slides off to expose the front drive bays.  To install a 5.25" drive you just remove the right side of the front bezel, slide the drive into the bay and engage the lock.  To install a 3/5" drive you just remove the metal drive holder, slide the drive into the holder, then slide the holder into the bay.  All of the metal 3.5" drive holders are equipped with rubber grommets to help reduce vibration and noise.  If you are planning on using a 2.5" drive you will need to screw them into the metal holder.  

Rosewill has included three 230mm fans and one 140mm fan.  One 230mm intake is located behind the front behind the front panel for the drives and another intake is on the main side door to cool your video cards.  The main exhaust fan is the 230mm fan located under the large open/closing vent with a second 140mm fan in the standard position above the motherboard I/O panel.  If additional intake or exhaust is needed one additional 140mm fan can be installed at the bottom by the power supply.  For maximum airflow the side 230mm can be replaced with four 120mm fans and the top exhaust fan can be replaced with two 120/140mm fans.  For more extreme cooling there are 4 holes with grommets at the top rear of the case for water cooling. 

The motherboard tray has 9 cutouts with grommets to prevent the metal from cutting you or any of your internal wiring.  The cutouts enable you to hide all your wires behind the motherboard tray and provide have them pop through where they are needed.  There is over 1/2" gap between the back side panel and the motherboard tray which is enough room to neatly route all necessary cables and wires.  As you can see in our demo build we routed every cable out the back and only took up a small fraction of the available space.

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