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Rosewill THOR V2-White Edition Case Review: Page 2 of 4

The Thor V2 White is a quality case with a lot of features that allow you to go big while still keeping everything cool. Being able to fit XL-ATX motherboards, multiple 12"+ video cards and maintaiThis was my first experience with a Rosewill case and I was pleasantly surprised with the look, feel and performance. By Elric Phares

THOR V2-White Impressions

The first thing I noticed was the size of the box and how carefully this case was packaged.  The Thor V2 is a big heavy case that is going to be shipped all around the country, so Rosewill has done their best to ensure they all get there in one piece.  The Thor case in wrapped in a plastic bag, secured with Styrofoam inserts inside a double wall corrugated box which is then placed into another larger double wall corrugated box to help minimize any damage that can result from shipping.  The chassis is made of steel, so it feels solid and sturdy.  At 30 lbs and 9" x 23" x 22" this is a huge case and the proper packaging is key to ensuring you don't receive a damaged product. 

Rosewill has taken the White/Black color scheme to the extreme on this case.  The case fans are black with white fins while the screws, trays and tool-less locks and vents are all black.  I appreciate Rosewill's commitment to keeping this case as Black/White as possible.  The white in the chassis matches perfectly with the top vent and front bezel, so it doesn't look two tone. The only part on this case that isn't black or white is the blue USB 3.0 ports on the front of the case and the front fan light when enabled. 

Once you open the case you'll find a small box that contains all the necessary accessories to get your components and hardware installed.  The small box contains brass standoffs, case screws, drive screws, power supply screws, and 6 zip ties to help manage all your cables. 

Another unique aesthetic feature of this case is the top vent.  The top of the case looks like armor and there is a switch along the top edge that opens and closes the vent.  Besides looking cool it also does a good job of keeping dust and other small items from getting inside the case.  I recommend keeping it open during use and closing the vent if you are going to leave it off for extended periods of time. Closing the vent while not in use will help keep dust and dirt from getting into the case.  If anything does get in the vent there is a handhold on the back of the case above the water cooling ports that allows you to easily remove the top vent for cleaning and maintenance.  If you plan on using the top exhaust fan make sure you open the vents otherwise the hot air will get trapped inside the case.

The bottom of the case has 4 no slip grip feet to help elevate your system, prevent scratching a hardwood floor and will keep it from sliding around.  There are two filters on the bottom of the case to help filter the power supply intake and another for an additional 140mm fan if you decide you need the additional airflow.  The filter under the power supply is quickly removable from the back while the other one is located inside, so you'll need to open the case to clean it out.


The front control panel is located at the top of the case and is angled, so you could put it under a desk or table and still reach the top ports.  The top placement and angle will help keep your USB drives from being kicked and there is a nice holder to rest your drives or phone while you are transferring or syncing.  On the front panel there is a white glowing Thor logo two vertical white bars that can be disabled if you aren't into case lights.

The front control panel has: 2 x USB 3.0 (internal 20-pin connector to MB), 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x e-SATA  Audio In/Out and 2 x Fan speed control knobs.  The fan speed control knobs each control up to three fans and the connections are all individually labeled inside to make connecting and controlling your case fans simple.  I set it up to have intake on A and exhaust on B which seemed to work perfectly.  There is also a switch on the front panel that toggles the light (Blue) of the front 230mm of the unit, but the light is off by default.

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