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Rosewill RK-9000RE Mechanical Keyboard Review: Page 2 of 4

Overall this mechanical keyboard is a great product from Rosewill. It offers performance, quality, value, and other great features like Anti-ghosting, Cherry MX switch, and extra cables. By Shane N.

Rosewill Features

  • Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard RK-9000RE
  • 1 x PS/2 to Mini USB Cable
  • 1 x USB to Mini USB Cable


The keyboard layout is pretty standard in terms of the sizes of the shift, enter, ctrl, and space bar keys. There are no extra keys for macroing unfortunately but since this is just labeled as a mechanical keyboard, I can’t really mark them down for not adding them. However, I am just biased to macro keys or macro capabilities so I always hope for them in a keyboard. The F1 through F9 keys resembled old fashioned keyboards which may interest users that like that type of size since most keyboards have the smaller sized function keys. I actually like the smaller function keys but these aren’t too bad as well. On the rear there is a plug for a mini usb cord and they give two types of cables so that this keyboard can work for old and new computers alike. This makes it very versatile and appeal to the more general public.

Cherry MX Switch

The Cherry MX Switch is a feature that Rosewill has added to their mechanical keyboard that allows for simultaneous key presses. All mechanical keyboards usually have some form of Anti-ghosting keys or simultaneous key actions since casual and hardcore enthusiasts need a keyboard that won’t skip a key when they are typing keys simultaneously. This switch will allow up to 104-key presses with a 50 million click life cycle for each key. The 104-key presses are just amazing because most keyboards I have reviewed would offer like 20-50 but I haven’t really seen above 100 too often. I don’t see how you would ever need to press that many but the ability to have that many will ensure your keyboard won’t ever miss a beat. And the 50million click life cycle for the keys is definitely a great addition because consumers will buy the keyboard knowing it will last long since most people don’t want to keep replacing their keyboards too often.

Laser Printing on Each Keycap

Laser printing on a keyboard is definitely something new to me. I don’t know if any other keyboard manufacturer does this but it’s worth taking note of. This will help people that want to use this keyboard for long periods of time and to those who don’t clean their keyboard often. The oils from our fingers can build up on our keyboards and mice and usually leaves some residue that can lead to erasing the ink on standard keyboard keys. But with Rosewill’s Laser Printing, you won’t have to worry about the keys and feel free to use this keyboard as long as you want to.

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