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Rosewill Ranger Case Review: Page 3 of 4

At this price there really isn’t much in the way of competition. For this reason I would put it at the top of the list for cases in this price range. There aren’t a whole lot of features, but the features that are included are ones that most users would want. By B. Ramirez

Ranger Features

Now that we’ve gone over the exterior of the case, let’s have a look inside and see the features that are built into this new case from Rosewill. One of the first things you’ll notice when you open the case is the nice, red paint job on the motherboard tray.

This case features a tool-less design for installing optical drives and hard drives. It also comes with an adapter to convert a single 3.5 inch drive to a dual 2.5 inch for SSDs or laptop hard drives. This system feels a little on the flimsy side and you might want to consider using screws to better secure your drives. There was a bit of a rattle that was noticed when we moved the case around after installing the drives. This isn’t ideal and I really hope that Rosewill will address this issue in their future designs.

As I stated previously it would be very difficult to install a water cooling system in this case. This is a mid-tower case and there just isn’t much room for the extra hardware that water cooling requires. For a custom water cooling system I would highly recommend using a full-tower case. Rosewill happens to make a very good case for this purpose. Their BlackHawk-Ultra Super Tower is capable of housing even the enormous EVGA SR-2 Classified motherboard. If it can house that beast it most certainly can handle any hardware configuration that you can think of. These cases are on the large and heavy side, but they provide more than adequate room for even the most extreme of water cooling systems.

Rosewill do provide for plenty of hardware configurations with this case, but it just feels like they skimped in areas that they shouldn’t have. With the way that the side panels flex you can tell that the steal construction isn’t the sturdiest. We also noticed that there isn’t much room on the right side panel to hide cables. There are plenty of cut-outs on the motherboard tray, but the spacing between the motherboard tray and the right side panel just doesn’t allow for very good cable management. Rosewill attempted to compensate for this by giving extra room behind the drive bays. This is great, but it doesn’t help with some of the shorter cables that will need to get tucked behind the motherboard tray. Rosewill should keep this in mind with any of their future designs.

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