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PNY Performance Series Geforce GTX 660Ti Review And Benchmarks: Page 2 of 7

Based Off NVIDIA's reference design the PNY GeForce GTX 660Ti Performance Edition is priced well and works just as well as any non reference design in normal operating mode. Comparatively cool and quiet this card earns a Top Value Award here on the MotherBoard HomeWorld. By Elric Phares

PNY GTX 660Ti Features

The PNY Performance Edition card is the only card GeForce GTX 660Ti card I received on launch day that is based 100% off NVIDIA’s reference design and that design offers a single fan located at the end of the card much like previous generation cards In many ways. This is the safe road for partners who don’t want to take risks and let NVIDIA and their R&D teams do the work and they can then distribute the product under their own moniker. Simple, smart and efficient as an off the shelf product, and their box is also eco-friendly and has no wasted materials making it a solid partner in the Green movement. 


When talking power, the power requirements are the same on all 660Ti ‘s and the card pulls an average of 134W under non-TDP applications and requires the use of Dual 6-Pin connectors and an adequate PSU to power it. The 2 6-Pin connectors are located on top of the card along with the SLI fingers. 3-Way or Triple SLI configurations are supported, but Quad-SLI is not possible with the new 660Ti, which is no big deal as most users will only use a single card, with 2 card SLI following close behind.  Triple SLI will be used by few people because at that point you may as well just buy a GTX 680 or better as the cost would be the same with less power drain on the system as well as much less cable management.

Memory on the GeForce GTX 660Ti series of cards is 2 GB GDDR5 across the board on launch and all cards use a 192-Bit memory controller that cut down from the 256-Bit controllers on the 670/680. This should not be a factor though at the resolutions the 660Ti is geared for, as at 1920X1200 or 1920X1080 resolutions it should have a minimal performance impact on over all gaming. There will obviously be some differences, but how they are affecting things in the big picture will be hard to put your finger on. PNY’s Performance Series card comes with 1344 CUDA Cores and 7 SMX Units. The base clock speed of the PNY GeForce GTX 660 Ti is 915MHz. The typical Boost Clock speed is 980MHz. The Boost Clock speed is based on the average GeForce GTX 660 Ti card running a wide variety of games and applications. Note that the actual Boost clock will vary from game-to-game depending on actual system conditions.

Most cards will have the same Memory Speed of 6008MHz equaling 144.2GB/sec total available memory bandwidth. There are a few exceptions to the rule and it is said that some cards have been successfully overclocked to 6608Mhz with a total effective bandwidth of 158.6 BG/sec. It is recommended that if overclocking that you use a monitoring tool and adjust the voltage to 123% for maximum efficiency. Make sure to turn the fans up to their highest setting as well to not fry the card.  Adaptive Vsync and new Tessellation features makes games look even better and easier on the eyes and only NVIDIA has true GPU PhysX support to make objects look more lifelike.  Another thing of note: if you like a solid black color scheme the PNY 660Ti series card may fit your build idea as its basic black with a few golden signatures on the card. Reference designed GeForce GTX 660Ti cards measures in at 9.5” in length 4’’ in Height and 1.50’’ in depth. Display outputs for your monitor connectivity include two dual-link DVIs, one HDMI, and one DisplayPort connector. 

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