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OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid Review

The new OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid RC2 1TB is one of the fastest and most interesting devices of its kind, it needs no messy cables and utilizes a more or less unused PCIe 4X slot on your motherboard offering performance competing with two SATA3 SSDs in RAID 0 for under $500.00. By Elric Phares

The battle to improve the performance on your PC is always a continuous one and one that when advancements are made sometimes really make a big difference in our daily usage experience. For many years the CD has been a very obsolete way to transfer information, but alas a very cheap one and hard drives although getting better are still a bit slow and have moving parts, and SSD technology is the new way to store, but is also very expensive. So what’s a new solution? The idea of caching information to get better response times is not new by any means for sure, but the idea of using an SSD in conjunction with a standard hard drive is a newer idea and an idea that is really starting to gain steam and momentum as companies are finding ways to fully utilize this tech and make it actually work the way it was designed to.

The closest thing to the new OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid is Intel’s SRT or Smart Response Technology, but it has its drawbacks and is only available on certain platform motherboards therefore limiting its use and the people able to use it.  The ability to take advantage of a mostly ignored PCIe 4X slot for storage devices is something that has most certainly barely been explored and a market wide open for exploitation as the technology advances in both performance and mean times between failures. For now OCZ is leading the pack in the desktop environment as we see in the product we will be looking at today, The new OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid is something a bit different than your usual storage product. This new drive combination promises faster than standard SSD speeds in both read and write categories and the first real Hybrid drive of this type.  The future is here now; lets see what it really can do for you and your systems performance.

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