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NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 690 Features And Benchmark Review

If I could just summarize this entire GTX 690 launch with one word that word would be simply WOW! Everything about the new NVIDIA GTX 690 just speaks volumes of how much research and development went into this card design, as it will change things on the playing field as we know it. By Elric Phares

I do believe I can safely say that NVIDIA fans have been waiting with impatience for the release and reviews of their new Flagship video card, the all-new GTX690. Well your wait is finally over the NDA curtain has lifted and the show can now go on. There were so many rumors surrounding this release its no surprise the only leaked cards and specs at the absolute last moment possible and got card in reviewers hands merely 2 days prior to release so as you can imagine many of us reviewer types have been playing vampires and working through the night to get these reviews up and out to you good folks.

We all by now know that the GTX690 is comprised of 2 GTX680s all on a single slot PCB that should if by all rumors come true seriously dominate the GPU world. That is the basic quick makeup of the new card, but that only scratches the surface of what really lies under the hood of this new product. Many of the technologies used in how this card is made are coming to light with this launch as well so this should be some interesting reading to you folks who love to read about tech. Well sit back a spell and lets dig a bit deeper into NVIDIA’s latest entry into the VGA foray and see just what all the fuss is about with this new Dual GPU monster called the GTX690.

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