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NVIDIA Strikes Again: The GTX670 Gets Reviewed And Benchmarked: Page 5 of 8

NVIDIA strikes yet again at the heart of the gamer as the new GTX670 not only plainly kicks ass in every known game title it also surpasses the expectations of many people coming to market with such panache at $399.99 it’s a serious Hot Product for the advent enthusiast By Elric Phares

Ge Force GTX670 Test Setup

We used the same test setup we tested the GTX 680 and GTX 690 on to ensure the best continuity between the models. We used the latest drivers from NVIDIA for the GTX670, and also for the ATI cards tested in the comparisons. We of course had to run other cards with their newest available respective driver to ensure proper performance comparison without compromising system stability.

All tests were run with everything turned to its highest state and a minimum of 3 times and balanced for accuracy. For our AMD card we used driver 12-4 in its default settings. Tests were run in the most common resolution used by the present gamer market being 1920X1080 and also again at a higher resolution of 2560X1600, The reason we test with the higher resolution is that with 4K monitors dropping we see prices falling on the higher resolution monitors we could see a shift soon to 2560x1600 as a standard as prices continue to fall. I used my Dell 30’’ monitor for all tests and just changed the resolution as needed for the various tests.

This is what we have been waiting for, its NVIDIAS chance to show the David Vs. Goliath GPU as NVIDIA has setup a small card that is going to knock out some big players!  This card if spec follows into performance should destroy the 7950 from the ATI camp, meet and possibly exceed 7970 in some tests and even blow away the top GPU’s from the last generation of the NVIDIA camp.  The thing is though, all of this while being on a PCB roughly the size of an 8600GT.  I love the pure concept of this as I want to see a manufacturer build a water-cooled version of this just so we can see a whole new version of a Monster Mini, I can see it now a small lanbox case with dual “mini” cards that can blow away most cards on the market all on a 750-850W power supply with ease and quietly.

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