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NVIDIA Strikes Again: The GTX670 Gets Reviewed And Benchmarked: Page 2 of 8

NVIDIA strikes yet again at the heart of the gamer as the new GTX670 not only plainly kicks ass in every known game title it also surpasses the expectations of many people coming to market with such panache at $399.99 it’s a serious Hot Product for the advent enthusiast By Elric Phares

Ge Force GTX670 SPECS

Here it is the GTX670!  This card looks to be destined to be the value enthusiast’s model in the Kepler lineup at a price point of approximately $399.00 at the time of this writing. 

These are the specs from NVIDIA themselves and looking at what we see here this is a full GK104 minus 1 SMX/192 CUDA Cores. Even with this omission the GTX670 still carries a full 2GB Framebuffer with a four 64Bit memory controllers which equal up to a 256Bit interface which is exactly the same as what we have come to love on the GTX680. The reference clock is set at 915MHz by default with a max boost clock of 980MHz which we know can easily be adjusted via some of the many software controls on the market today.  We do not want to leave the memory out in the dark here as it runs at 6008 MHz exactly the same speed as the GTX680.

The GTX670 has mid placed Dual PCIe 6-pin connectors which I found odd until I inspected the card and found the PCB was much shorter than the cooler itself and is actually comparable in size to a 8600GT which totally blows me away since this is an Enthusiasts card which to me has always meant 9” or larger in most cases.  Now don’t let its 8600 GT size fool you this card packs some serious muscle under its obscenely small silicon.

Another cool feature of the GTX670 is we know that from the factory they have the option open for 4GB variants due to an equal number of empty solder pads which means im sure some non-reference designs will likely be out to handle all your hi res gaming needs.  This is definitely a good step by NVIDIA as this allows board partners to easily add the same type of qualified IC’s to just double the memory quantity and not have to resort to some sort of trickery or even custom work to make a higher capacity card as we have seen in the past (anyone remember the 2GB GTX285’s?). This will ensure a much better product coming out the door with much less likelihood of issues with manufacturers “custom” cards like we have seen in the past.

Here we have the heatsink cover, which is really a standard plastic shroud that covers the heatsink material. The heatsink cover itself is actually extended past the PCB to a total length of 9.5” in order to properly fit the cooling fan which also happens to be the same blower style fan found on the GTX680.  The front of the shroud covering the cooler and GPU carries a standard NVIDIA logo which is small and not really overpowering as the bulk of the rest of the cooler has some accent stripes running most of the length of the shroud from the fan to about 1.5” from the IO bracket.  The rear of the cooler extends past the PCB a good couple inches which we will take a look at in a moment.

Here looking at the rear of the PCB we find that as we mentioned before the PCB is absolutely small, it is just flat out tiny for an enthusiast’s model.  The cooler actually extends a few inches past the PCB which makes the card look like a normal model until you look at it from the rear angle at which point you see that the heatsink shroud extends outward to fit the fan and has a screwed on rear plate which covers the inner workings of the extended cooler. Lastly on the exterior we take a look at the IO interface. This card just like the GTX680 carries Two (2) Dual Link DVI connectors along with a Displayport and HDMI port to round out connectivity to virtually any display type and also when looking for single card surround this can be accomplished with a simple adapter to get 3 displays up and running.

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