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NVIDIA Strikes Again: The GTX670 Gets Reviewed And Benchmarked

NVIDIA strikes yet again at the heart of the gamer as the new GTX670 not only plainly kicks ass in every known game title it also surpasses the expectations of many people coming to market with such panache at $399.99 it’s a serious Hot Product for the advent enthusiast By Elric Phares

I would be foolish to assume that after the sleepless nights of the GTX690 launch that NVIDIA was done with the surprises they seemed to have been dropping like a well-planned bombing run.  Well I can say that looking at what we have here today they are still dropping bombs on the GPU market with the most recent being the GeForce GTX670. Another few days of sleepless nights, but we made it just in time for launch and maybe a respite from this for a few days.

We have all seen the leaked images of the card and some random details which we can now confirm that the GTX670 does in fact carry a GK104 GPU just like the “Bigger Brother GTX680/690” however being a more value targeted model we do expect that it’s going to be tuned down a little but with the similar GPU and memory interfaces this card looks extremely promising for anyone looking to build a bad-ass gaming system and doesn’t want to break the bank. Without anymore hype or hoopla lets dig a bit deeper and see what this new weapon from the NVIDIA arsenal has to offer the gamer in us all!

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