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Lenovo Thinkpad Twist S230u Review - The Classic PC Tablet Gets Modern Day Parts: Page 4 of 7


The multi-touch capacitive touch screen works well; and despite the low 1366x768 resolution, the display it self is exceptionally bright when cranked, with good black levels and vivid colors. The entire surface is Gorilla Glass, making it durable and far more resistant to scratches and blemishes. It's also glossy, making it highly reflective. At its highest intensity, the screen can overcome reflections from general room lighting, but at the cost of run time. Touch inputs were always recognized quickly and registered correctly. Windows 8's Modern UI looks really great even at low resolutions, but I missed the higher pixel count of a 1080p screen when on the desktop when I had multiple Windows open.

Like other Windows 8 hybrids, the screen will automatically rotate around depending on orientation, although you can manually override it with the lock button. It's definitely wide for a tablet when held landscape, but comfortable on a lap. It's quite nice when held in portrait mode, although the lower-resolution screen hurts image quality when web browsing.

The center pivoting hinge on the display let's you 'twist' it around and make the screen face the other direction, fold over to form a tent mode, or lay flat against the keyboard to act like a tablet. The screen can pivot back and forth, but be careful because the hinge only twists in one direction. Generally I'd be concerned about the long term durability of the hinge from any other manufacturer, but Lenovo's part is excellently engineered and very solid. 

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