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Ivy Bridge Unveiled: A look Inside the Intel Core i7 3770K

With the release of Ivy Bridge, Intel did not reinvent the wheel, but they did make a better tire to grip the road you're on. Ivy Bridge breathes just enough new life into the desktop environment to at least keep things interesting through the summer season and show a positive direction for the future of embedded graphics. By Elric Phares

Ivy Bridge has been a Buzz word that has been tossed around the world, and one that has everyone in anticipation of just what the hell Intel has up their sleeves for the desktop environment, and finally the long awaited day has arrived where we can actually legally show off just what all the hype and hoopla was all about. Many sites have already violated NDA, which is a legal statement by Intel addressing the time and date of releasing their information to the public, but we held fast waiting for the actual stated deadline to arrive before breaking the news to you good folks. It sucks to be a legitimate player sometimes as that means towing the line even under pressure.

When it comes to CPUs and their accompanying chipsets there is no company known to man that reaches the levels that Intel does. Always on the forefront of technology and development it is a rare day to see anyone offering them anything but the slightest competition as AMD really does not create a hard competitor for big blue. Everybody is always looking for a better, faster and more affordable solution to solve their computing needs and from entry level to High-End Intel has a solution to fit your need. The big Buzz word for this event is Ivy Bridge and it once again see's Intel breaking ground and paving the way for a new desktop platform.  Sandy Bridge was a very big market hit and the i7 2500K one of the most sought after CPUs for the overclocker and gamer crowd who have pushed that CPU to its limits squeezing every ounce of performance they could extract from it. 

Today Intel releases a new set of CPUs to work on their latest Z77 and other Chipset motherboards that offers many new features including a separate chip for the onboard graphics all housed in the same Silicon in a similar fashion to the AMD APU line of products, but one that actually has a pair of balls to back up the video capabilities where the APU uses a low end processors in its mix. That might be good for very entry-level projects, but Ivy is ready for desktop primetime and has both good CPU power and GPU power to boost about. This release will show Intel on a new road that takes your graphics needs very seriously and if they really put their efforts in an all out quest to achieve this the graphics cards companies will have to find new ways to fill in that niche. I am no scientist so I don't grasp and truly understand all the technology involved in creating a new CPU so I wont even try to convey that, but I do know what works and if it is something I would want to actually own and use.  I am a layman, gamer and enthusiast just like 98% of the people reading this review. With that in mind lets take a closer look at what Intel's been trying to keep under wraps for months, the new Core i7 3770K.

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