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Intel X79 DX79SI Motherboard Review: Page 3 of 4

This has been a greatly anticipated upgrade from Intel’s previous flagship chipset, the X58 that supported their 1366 socket processors. One of the most impressive features of this new chipset is something that is immediately noticeable when you take one of these boards out of the box for the first time. By B. Ramirez

DX79SI Performance

Here’s where we really get down to the heart of the matter. Is this new platform worth your hard-earned money? So these boards when you pair it with Intel’s latest i7 processor you’re looking at a fairly substantial amount of money. For this amount of money you have to expect enthusiast level performance.

We tested this system against Intel’s previous enthusiast level platform which was the X58 chipset. We ran all of our benchmarks with the latest Window’s and driver updates and we pitted this board against our Gigabyte G1 Assassin motherboard with 6 gigs of DDR3 1600 MHz ram and an Intel i7 980x processor at stock settings. For graphics we used an XFX HD 6950 with 1 gig of memory. We used a wide array of testes to put this system through as much overall stress as possible. Our results were nothing short of impressive. This new platform has proven to be a significant upgrade from the previous X58 platform that it replaces. This is particularly true with multi-threaded applications as was shown in the Cinebench score.

Overall this new platform is an improvement over the X58 but the cost versus performance is going to be the real factor. Of course there are going to be those that will go right out and purchase these new products without really paying any attention to the reviews. For most of us though we would rather wait a little while for all of the hype to settle before we make up our minds. Intel’s Z68 platform is still relatively new and their 1155 socket processors are still more than adequate for the enthusiast level market. My advice to those that are on the fence about this new platform is that they should wait for the proverbial dust to settle before buying into it. Given that there are still really good options out there for much lower prices this new platform still needs to be proven.  I’m not even going to talk about AMD because they don’t even compete on the same level as Intel right now and haven’t for quite some time.

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