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Intel X25-M 120GB SSD Review

Just watching your computer turn on and be usable in 30 seconds or less is pretty sweet. And you can also see that even though the Kingston KC100 SSDNow has a much faster transfer speed, it had around the same amount of boot time as the Intel X25-M SSD. By Shane N.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and most of us are probably getting out our Black Friday lists and hoping that the electronics we want become really cheap. For most tech upgrades you can already see Newegg and Tiger Direct advertise November sales even before Black Friday as well. Well if you are still running a regular hard drive in your system and are too cheap to upgrade to an SSD. We have a great product that will allow you to upgrade your PC and not break your bank.

The Intel X25-M 120GB SSD is one of the older Solid State Drives but it still packs a lot of performance with a good amount extra space as well. And as always with SSDs, your computer will turn on much faster and applications will load faster even if they are installed your secondary hard drive. Unlike the Kingston KC100 SSDNow we reviewed previously, the Intel X25-M 120GB SSD is geared towards average consumers and will not cost that much. Now let’s take a look and see what comes inside the box with this great product from Intel.

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