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How To Properly Change An AMD HD 6950 Into A HD 6970 Review

Want to turn your RADEON HD 6950 into a fully functioning HD 6970? Here is the proper way to do this in a step-by-step guide. By Elric Phares

If you have been reading the Internet lately and are a fan of AMD video cards you may have heard about this new trick to turn your standard reference designed HD 6950 into a fully functioning HD 6970. Well its actually very true and can done in a few easy to follow steps by anyone who is familiar with their PC and updating a BIOS. Even if you have never done this before this easy step-by-step guide will show you how to update your VGA BIOS without ruining your card and turning your HD 6950 into a more expensive and faster HD 6970.  Do not fret either with the new AMD dual BIOS switch you always have a 2nd BIOS as q backup so your card will be able to boot to its reference BIOS even if your new BIOS trick does not work, so relax and give it a shot.

There are a few things you will need to get together before you can begin this procedure, as you do need to have a bootable Flash Drive, the proper Flashing utility and the correct BIOS to use in order to make this happen without any errors. I tried using various methods to achieve this Flash including using Win Flash, which did nothing for me at all as the version available on the net does not even recognize the new Cayman series of cards. Many of the review sites I read online all claimed they flashed their card using Win Flash, but my contacts at AMD said that a forced bios Flash was needed and this is done in the DOS environment and not in your Windows one as the Win Flash currently available does not even see the Cayman card correctly. So with this information in hand and a new 3.85 version of ATIFLASH and the correct BIOS I was able to simply and easily turn my XFX HD 6950 into a perfect running HD 6970 a card that sells for almost a hundred dollars more. Lets move on and see how easily this was done.

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