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Gigabyte GA-B150-D3H-GSM Review: A Skylake Motherboard for Volume Builders: Page 2 of 4

System builders are often seen as computer enthusiasts looking for the most extreme of high-end computing. Important as this market is, it doesn’t represent the portion of builders who build PCs for general productivity – and that’s who Gigabyte’s GA-B150M-D3H-GSM Mini-ATX motherboard is for. By Matt Whitlock


Any builder with moderate experience won’t have many troubles working with the B150M-D3H-GSM. The board is laid out well, although the location of the Thunderbolt Header isn’t exactly ideal if using expansion cards. Some may complain about the top facing SATA ports over side facing, but this board is built for stuffing into non-descript cases and quick replacement.

Having both M.2 and SATA Express support gives builders a lot of flexibility for outfitting builds with ultra-fast storage, but make sure to see the supported configurations before you start throwing in lots of SSDs.

For an all business board, the UEFI BIOS was surprisingly fleshed out, offering up an attractive UI along with a broad array of configuration options. You can tweak some settings to your hearts content, depending on the CPU used, but I suspect most builders using this board will be using the default settings for whatever chip gets tossed in. The B150M is not intended for overclocking, and those who want to push settings higher won’t find much here to work with.

Security features are likely more important to this audience over performance ones, and Gigabyte offers options to fully or partially lock out USB devices at boot, completely disable Mass Storage support for USB devices, TPM support, etc.

There’s also a healthy number of features thanks to Intel’s Small Business Advantage, which allows for easy file sharing between users, screen sharing, Chat, after hour data backup (from an off state), USB blocker, and more.

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