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Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 Review And Benchmarks: Page 10 of 10

The all-new Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 is priced at an almost entry level price tag, but with features slightly above that range of product making it a solid Hot Product for the Z77 platform and for fans of the mATA form factor. By Elric Phares

Sniper M3 Final Thoughts

At the end of the day when parting with your money you want the most bang-for your buck and hopefully what you can afford will end up suiting your needs. If you are looking for a motherboard just brimming with the latest features and devices you have to pay a premium price tag for that and the new Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 is priced at an almost entry level price tag, but with features slightly above that range of product. This motherboard leaves a mixed bag of things, as far as standard performance goes the board runs like a top, but when it comes to overclocking it leaves a bit to be desired for the extreme level user as it was not able to match our previous tests that allowed 5.0 on air alone and the BIOS was a bit different to navigate through. The margin between the top and the bottom of overclocking on air results is not a very large one, but to some it is very important.

Gigabyte kind of confused me on this one though I must admit as all the other G1 boards have many many special features and offer the user a wide variety of option and features where the M3 really seems to be a budget board priced to sell quick. Although I feel this is a budget option motherboard does not mean the board has no merit as it does, in fact the audio option being a Creative based sound solution is one of the better audio chipsets you can get nowadays and I feel a very important feature for the gamer or entry level audiophile. The thing is beyond the normal specs of the Z77 chipset there is just not a lot to talk about and that is where I feel this board fails as a G1 series product is in its feature set. There were absolutely no issues during testing or overclocking and if you are looking for a very straightforward motherboard in the mATX form factor that is priced well the Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 will most certainly be a product worth looking at. Even though this motherboard is a bit shy of an Editor’s Choice due to its lackluster features on a G1 Series board it still has enough prowess and capabilities to qualify for a Hot Product Award, as with this price it will be coming Hot off the shelves of your local storefront. Thanks for reading next up we will take a look at the new UD3 and UD5 motherboards from the good folks over at Gigabyte.


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