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GammaTech A22i Whitebox All-in-One Review

GammaTech has blurred the lines between a typical tablet computer and desktop AIO system with its A22i. By John McCormick

GammaTech has blurred the lines between a typical tablet computer and desktop AIO system with its A22i. Designed with the medical market in mind, the A22i is a touch-screen computer with 21.5-inch multi-touch display, but also includes a battery power option and flip-out handle on the top edge of the system. This enables it to be used for short periods as a mega-tablet, or simply be transported from one location to another without having to shut down.

The A22i is a sleek, lightweight system, and truly could be carried around and used as a tablet in small stints. For highly collaborative work environments, or medical applications where it's easiest if the clinician can bring their computer with them (and prefer not to be confined to a smaller laptop screen), this system is innovative and intriguing. A small, glossy button at the center of the bottom bezel functions as the Windows button on a keyboard, and the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard is available for text entry without the need for a physical keyboard (if desired). Granted, the battery is only designed to last up to an hour - but that may get you through a quick team meeting in a conference room, or certainly to move to a different location without rebooting. (The system provided for evaluation did not include a battery, so the max battery life is taken from the system specs.)

At 10 pounds, the system is easily carried from the top via a handle that folds neatly back into the back of the case. And compared to some other AIO's I've looked at that practically require a chain hoist to lift them out of the shipping box, this thing is a feather. And, this system is designed with the reseller in mind. It's a white-box system, intended to be rebranded with the reseller's own logo and information.

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