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GammaTech A22i Whitebox All-in-One Review: Page 4 of 4

GammaTech has blurred the lines between a typical tablet computer and desktop AIO system with its A22i. By John McCormick


The A22i is a sleek, stylish system that is powerful enough to handle typical home or office applications without a problem. The portability aspect with optional battery is a neat idea, and I could see that being very helpful in the market for which this was intended (medical). However, it could also be fun for a home user that likes to be able to move a more serious-sized computer around the house with relative ease.

I had no problem installing and running programs like Open Office and play Netflix instant streaming videos. However, trying to stream TV signals over WiFi (from my HDHomeRun network-based TV tuner via Windows Media Center worked very poorly and was pretty much unusable. The same situation, Streaming to my four-years-old Windows 7 laptop using the same WiFi setup at the same physical location worked fine, so it wasn't a general issue with my home network.

From a physical perspective, the location of the power jack and bottom USB port are position so close to the bottom that any cable (like the stock power cable) plugged into them puts stress on the cable where it meets the plug (see photo). It would be nice if the power cable came with a 90-degree plug to avoid this situation.

My complaints are fairly minor, and I enjoyed the look and use of this system. It was convenient to bring out onto our screen porch and watch a movie for an evening - I'd probably not haul a less portable AIO system out there. If a more mobile full-sized AIO is something you've been looking for, the GammaTech A22i (MSRP of $1,399) is worth a look.

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