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Fractal Designs’ Node 605 HTPC Case Review

We’re taking a look in this article at Fractal Design’s Node 605 HTPC/Media Center computer case. For those less familiar with Fractal Designs' cases, they're "Scandinavian design" approach yields a simple yet striking appearance, clean lines, and minimalistic from a “flashy” perspective. When looking at their product catalog, it’s clear they make products geared towards those who like a understated and sophisticated look, versus those desiring flashy colored lights that can be seen from a few parsecs away. There's nothing wrong with flashy, but Fractal's simpler design principles probably fit a bit better with living room decor.

On opening the solid cardboard box that had no problem withstanding the trials of traveling halfway across the country in a UPS truck, the case was well packed and in excellent condition. Removing the case from Styrofoam shipping end blocks, I was immediately struck by the heft of this piece of hardware — it clearly had some weight to its construction. The front panel was protected by a sheet of plastic material. Removing the plastic, the beauty of the design was immediately notable.

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