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Fractal Design Define R4 Review: An Enthusiast PC Case Minus the Extreme: Page 5 of 5

Final Thoughts

There's a lot here to like about the Define R4. Working inside it was a relatively pain free experience. It provides ample space for working within, and the extra space behind the tray did make shoving thicker cables back there easier. I liked the dual purpose drive tray system. They felt solid when locked in place, and were easy to remove. I won't gripe much about having to screw the drive to the tray over a tool-less design, but I would have appreciated a rail system for mounting 5.25" drives.

Speaking of, my only larger complaint is the small number of front bays. I can survive without a 3.5" bay, since those can be adapted to fit a 5.25", but only two total bays is about one short of the minimum if the case doesn't integrate a flash card reader or a drive dock. I realize I may be slightly old fashioned in that regard, as the youngsters of today may question the utility of optical in a download everything world. If that's you, you probably won't care about the bays.

I like Fractal's design aesthetic, but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I can understand if some are put off by its relatively simple look. Still, so many cases are all show no substance. The Define R4's real beauty is on the inside, where smart choices and great quality materials add up to an excellent mid-tower ATX case, and a well deserved Editor's Choice Award.

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