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Feenix Nascita and Dimora Review - An Ultra-Premium Gaming Mouse and Surface Accessory

For 80 percent of elite gamers, this mouse is a well-sculpted marvel that lives up to the hype. By Chris Eaves

With a suggested retail price of $96, the Nascita gaming mouse is designed for an elite crowd of power gamers who rely upon exquisitely designed interface devices with ultra-reliable and ultra-responsive performance. High-end graphic designers, video editors and those who depend upon a mouse to work the finer points of Adobe Photoshop or AfterEffects, or other pixel-precise projects will also appreciate a mouse that puts the pointer exactly where it is intended to go. So, is the Nascita up to the task?

In a short: That depends. For 80 percent of elite gamers, this mouse is a well-sculpted marvel that lives up to the hype. However, and it’s a big however, the designers as Feenix give a big middle-finger to a sizable portion of the gaming and performance-mouse marketplace: left-handed players, female gamers, and males who have yet to fully experience the hand-widening process of puberty.

Let’s start with the lefties. For an ultra-premium mouse, you have no way of altering the orientation – no simple cover swap or universal design is available to allow left-handed users comfortably put their pointer finger on the primary button – left-handed gamers with this mouse are stuck with a middle-finger clickfest that is annoying at best and fatiguing at worst. Swapping the primary buttons doesn’t overcome the unnatural, anti-ergonomic bend of the Nascita. So if you are left handed, don’t waste your money and go with something like the Razer DeathAdder 3500 Left-Handed Edition.

Ladies, you, too, will probably want to avoid this mouse, but for a different reason: size. This mouse is large. Think rat in the N.Y. sewer large. Tiny hands will want to stay clear of this device. Try the Razer Orochi or the Cooler Master Storm Spawn or Storm Xornet instead.

The same reason can goes for some adolescent males: consider the size of your hand before putting this mouse on your shopping or wish lists – it’s going to take a while for your hand to grow into this mouse.

If you’re still reading this review, the chances are you are part of the 80 percent who are large-handed righties. In that case, for some serious cash you get a serious performance mouse. And for a even more cash, you can pair that mouse with a high-performance slate called the Dimora, which takes the term “mouse pad” to at least level 20. Let’s look at four areas: comfort, responsiveness, bling, and accessories.

About the Author

Chris Eaves is a contributing technology reviewer, based in the greater Chicago area, who specializes in computer hardware, software, and gaming.

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