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EVGA GTX 580 SC Edition Review

We really threw everything at this card to see how well it would perform. We used both 3D Mark Vantage and 3D Mark 11 to stress this card. We also used the Aliens vs. Predator benchmark, and the notorious Unigine Heaven benchmark to put this card through its paces. By B. Ramirez

We have for you the new GTX 580 SC Edition video card from EVGA. EVGA is the number seller of NVIDIA video cards in the United States and they have an excellent reputation in this industry. Their Step Up program is one of their most impressive features. This program allows their customers to trade in their hardware for the next higher-up version within a 90 day window. You simply need to register your EVGA product and then send it back in within the 90 window, and pay the difference between the two products. This gives consumers an incredible amount of flexibility when purchasing their new hardware.

500 Series Features

These graphics processors feature NVIDIA’s re-tooled 40 nm manufacturing process. Their previous generation was known for issues related to overheating and excessive fan noise. These issues have been pretty much resolved with this new generation of GPUs.

NVIDIA 500 series cards are built on their re-tooled Fermi architecture that offers an amazing performance boost over their previous generation of graphics processors. NVIDIA has taken the past failures and problems that their 400 series was notorious for and redesigned them to meet their critics demands. These cards run quieter and cooler than the 400 series by quite a substantial margin.

These cards feature full Direct X 11 support as well as CUDA, Direct Compute 5.0, and OpenCL support. Direct X 11 is what really brings out the detail and realism in games. This technology features hardware tessellation that enables the graphics processor to enhance the way terrain is rendered. Water now looks much more realistic and loses that geometric quality that it used to have. Backgrounds are also much more realistically rendered by making them look smoother and less pixelated.

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