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Encrypted Storage That Fits in Your Pocket

Rugged, secure, good looking, and can keep a secret. No, that’s not an eharmony profile. That’s a quick look at the iStorage datAshur Pro. By ChannelPro

We got our hands on a nifty, pocket-sized encrypted USB drive from U.K.-based iStorage Ltd., the iStorage datAshur Pro. It felt like a scene from Mission Impossible, punching in our secret code to unlock this sleek aluminum-cased drive to access our data. A far cry from the USB sticks you can literally get anywhere—from a gumball machine to trade shows to the drug store impulse item racks—this rugged little drive is all business.

We’ve all seen the news reports about data breaches, hacks, and other cybercrimes. But an overlooked data point is simply losing your own data. Our guess is that happens everywhere, every day, all around the world—too many times to count. That’s where the datAshur Pro fits in.

Relying on a memory stick for sensitive, long-term data storage is a big no-no, but for those who are looking for a temporary mobile storage device that slips into a pocket, this is a great solution.

The iStorage datAshur Pro is inexpensive and uses PIN code access with military-grade XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption. It adds a layer of security that really ought to be engaged whenever anyone moves any type of data about. No need to load software. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, Chrome, thin clients, and embedded systems. You need to key in a passcode to access it, and it locks automatically when powered off and/or removed from a USB port. It is immune to brute-force attacks and has a sort of data self-destruct mechanism if it comes under such an attack.

We can easily envision professionals of all types, as well as civilians like our moms, using this for secure data transport, but not necessarily long-term storage. Any sensitive data should, of course, be stored long-term following any regulations that might apply—especially for client data, medical records, financials, etc. While the datAshur Pro certainly looks like it will withstand abuse and long-term usage, you might want to consider it part of an overall data storage strategy featuring backup and recovery options.

For IT channel pros, this could be a great way to deliver proposals and even security audits to customers and prospects as a visual and physical reminder of the need for secure data handling. Every tech you send on-site to meet with a client should have a handful of these in his or her bag.

iStorage boasts that this device will last years—and we believe it. The materials and craftsmanship involved look top-notch. And after using it for a while now, it certainly has survived daily tumbles in our pocket along with car keys, plus several drops on the floor.

Whether this thing slips out of your hands, or into the wrong hands, you will feel assured knowing that your data is safe as well as secure.

It comes in five capacity options: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Additional Specs:

  • USB 3.0 flash drive
  • FIPS 140-2 Level3 validated – Cert. No. 2688
  • NLNCSA – certified
  • FIPS PUB 197 – certified
  • IP57 certified – water/dust resistant
  • Bootable drive
  • XTS-AES 256-bit hardware encryption – no software required
  • OS and platform independent

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