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Drobo B800i SAN iSCSI Review

Overall the Drobo B800i is a great product that will allow your company or business to store its information quickly and efficiently. The amount of storage and its features to keep your information safe is a hard combo to beat. By Shane N.

Information privacy and integrity is a priceless necessity in any small or big corporation. With so many storage units out there, it’s hard to tell which one is just right for keeping your information intact. We have previously reviewed many NAS (Network-Attached Storage) from our friends over at Thecus, which work well for home office use. For a bigger business that needs more space and safety with their information, there are devices categorized as a SAN (Storage Area Network). Now a Storage Area Network is basically the same as Network-Attached Storage where they both can store a lot of information.

The difference is in the way they are stored; NAS is a single unit that operates on data files while SAN is usually a local network of devices that operates by blocks. I am going in detail into this matter because today I will be reviewing the Drobo B800i ISCSI SAN. This is my first time testing out a SAN so I will go into testing it the best I can. Anyways, lets go over some of the features and contents of this Storage Area Network device. The unit we are evaluating today is for the enterprise business class and IT manger, not really a home version of their product lineup. We will be reviewing a smaller 4 bay unit that has all the same Drobo tech under the hood, but comes onto the market at a very affordable $399.99 and is better than NAS technology for the same price point.

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