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Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Case Review

In terms of cable management this case really shines. All around the motherboard tray there are lots of holes for routing your cables. There is also a good amount of space between the motherboard tray and the right-side panel. By B. Ramirez

This is the new case mid-tower case from Cooler Master. As we have seen in the past Cooler Master has proven that they are one of the premier companies in this market. Their build quality and features are really terrific. We will have to see if this new case in their Storm lineup is able to live up to their previous accomplishments.

First Impressions

Cooler Master has once again given us a case that doesn’t quite fit the mold for its price range. This case comes in at about 90 dollars on most retail sites and the features of this case read like an enthusiast’s wish list. This case looks amazing. I don’t think there will be too many people that would be disappointed with its esthetics.

The windowed side panel is a really nicely done. You will get a very nice look at all of your hardware without having to look at a bunch of boring hard drives or cables. I also like the ridges on this panel because it gives it a kind of shark-gilled look. These panels are also very sturdy and feel like high-quality steel with a nice weight to them.

This case has a very nice mat-black finish that is even found on the interior of the case. Your front optical drive area is covered by a plastic door that swings out to the right of the case. There is also a large 200mm red led fan at the front to bring in cool air. These fans run fairly quiet but still manage to push lots of air. At the top of the front panel you’ll find 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and your standard audio ports. There is also a nice CM STORM logo on the optical drive door that’s in red and white.

At the top of this case you’ll be able to mount an optional 200mm fan. Some people might have an issue with this being left out instead of being included with the rest of the case. You will find that upon further inspection there are mounting holes for a 240mm radiator. This is an awesome feature that Cooler Master as has included because it makes this an exceptional case for a water cooler system. At the front of the top panel there is also an area to put some of your small items like keys or thumb drives.

This case really gets interesting at the back. The first thing you’ll notice is the 120mm fan. This fan runs at about 1200 RPM so it won’t be that loud but should still be a capable exhaust fan. There are also 7 expansion slots. To the right side of these you will find an 8th expansion slot for adding USB or FireWire ports. This is a nice touch because it gives you the option to add these even if you’ve used up all of your standard expansion slots. With this case you will mount your power supply at the bottom. I think this is the ideal location because it makes cable management easier, as well as keeps the power supply running cooler. You will also find 3 rubber grommets for passing water cooling tubes through. This is a really nice feature especially with the ability to mount a 240mm rad at the top. I think the reason there are three of the is so that you can connect your USB 3.0 cables to your rear I/O panel.

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