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Cooler Master HAF 912 Review

Cooler Master once again has a hit with the release of their latest HAF 912 Case, its has many nice features and a great price tag. By Benjamin Sun

One of the issues with modern computers has been airflow and cooling. The latest generation of NVIDIA video cards, the GeForce GTX480 has been jokingly referred to as the graphics card that can fry an egg. CPUs are getting increasingly large amounts of TDP and temperatures that are exceeding 75C are not unusual.Case manufacturers have been releasing cases with higher airflow to allow for cooling running temperatures

Cooler Master builds and sells cooling systems for the CPU, cases, HDD enclosures and many other devices too many to name here. Cooler Master has used their High Air Flow (HAF) case line to bring cases with a large amount of airflow into the market. The HAF 932 and 922 are cases that have won awards for their design and airflow. Today I’m reviewing the newest entry in the HAF series, the HAF 912 which is slightly smaller in size than its predecessors.

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