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Biostar Hi-Fi Z77X Motherboard Review: Page 3 of 5

Back by popular demand is another Intel LGA1155 Z77 chipset motherboard from the folks over at Biostar. Biostar has been in the motherboard business for over 25 years and the quality of their motherboards have increased considerably in recent years. Biostar motherboards range from low-end budget boards to the mid-high boards more suitable for enthusiasts and overclockers. In recent years Biostar has been focusing on bringing their end users boards that offer the most bang for their buck. Today we’re going to look at the Hi-Fi Z77X. The Biostar Hi-Fi Z77X bears a strong resemblance to the TZ77XE4, which we awarded Top Value back in July. I have high expectations for this board since I liked the last one so much, so lets take a look at the Hi-Fi Z77X from Biostar and see what it has to offer. By Nathan Almond

Hi-Fi Z77X Features


What sets the Hi-Fi Z77X apart from its competitors is the enhanced audio package.   I’ve never seen capacitors or resistors like these on a motherboard before and besides being functional I think they look cool.  The robust resistors are supposed to help maintain high quality audio in a wide range of temperatures. The big blue capacitors help deliver low noise and reduce distortion.  There is a Faraday cage surrounding the Audio Codec and one of the benefits of a Faraday cage is blocking external static and non-static electric fields, so in this application it is meant to reduce the possibility of electric shock and interference.  The Audio portion of this motherboard is separated from the main PCB altogether and that helps reduce interference.  All of these combine to enhance your audio experience.  Biostar has done their best to raise this onboard audio up to the sound card level.  Additionally this board features THX TruStudio Pro which should mean something to the audiophiles out there.

Standard Intel Z77 Chipset features like Intel Smart Response Technology (SSD Caching) and Rapid Storage Technology (basically enhanced RAID) are included with this board, but since those should be on every Z77 board I’ll move on to the next feature.

Smart Speed LAN allows you to configure how your system manages your network behavior.  Basically if you want to download while playing a game you can prioritize how your network manages everything.  It’s free and a nice feature for people that like to multitask online.

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