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ASUS may not call this impressive laptop an Ultrabook, but you can. By James E. Gaskin

The ASUSPRO B9440 employs Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro operating system. As usual, the company curbs bloatware and the ASUS Business Manager app is extremely useful (registration is simple, too). The unit also includes a file shredder, an easy way to create a recovery disk using a USB-linked storage device and quick access to system restoration points, and other useful shortcuts.

Take Your ASUS to Work

The “triple-speed” ASUS claims for its SSD may actually be accurate. Booting was fast, requiring approximately 15 seconds, even with the fingerprint reader application engaged. That security measure took us a few minutes to set up, but once configured worked flawlessly.

Except for 17-inch laptops, size constraints typically restrict available keyboard options. Thin models also have little or no room for deep key travel like we find on desktop units and typewriters. The ASUS B9440’s keyboard does surprisingly well in this area. The key surfaces have a slight indent to allow for comfortable and accurate typing despite the restricted travel. The keyboard on every laptop takes some getting used to, but we were pounding away in no time on this one with fewer mistakes than we normally encounter on notebooks.

While a diminished number of function and direction keys is expected in thin laptops, this model’s On-Off switch placement was concerning, as it is located just above Backspace and beside the Delete button. We were surprised that we never accidentally turned it off. When we purposely hit the key, the RAM and SSD suspended our work immediately. Fortunately, pressing the Enter or On-Off keys brought everything back just as it was. Turns out we were worried for nothing.

Another frequent complaint with laptops is poor sound quality. Not on this unit. The Harman Kardon “tuning” design provides amazing performance for a laptop, and its volume is impressive. When we streamed a string quartet, we could even hear the distinct sound of the cello. Rock and EDM fans won’t be satisfied with its lack of rich bass and kick drum, though they are audible. In fact, the unit tops most other laptops in that department.

The advertised 10-hour battery life seems right. As usual with Windows, we received variable “time left” readings. It’s hard to blame ASUS for that issue.

For those who need a sleek, stylish, fast, and easy-to-carry laptop, the ASUSPRO B9440 is well worth a look. Its keyboard, sound, and SSD speed are better than most competitive products. Despite its negligible weight, this device seems strong enough to provide years of service creating spreadsheets and crunching numbers. It’s fast and looks good. We sincerely hate to send it back.


  • PRICING MSRP: $999
  • SCREEN SIZE 14 inches
  • PROCESSOR Intel Core i5 7300U, 2.5 GHz
  • RAM 8GB
  • HARD DRIVE Flash memory solid state
  • VIDEO CARD Integrated
  • OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 10 Pro
  • WEIGHT 2.3 pounds
  • DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 12.6 x 0.6 x 8.5 inches
  • COLOR Gray Magnesium
  • BATTERIES 1 Lithium-ion

 Images: ASUS

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