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Asus X79 Rampage IV Extreme Review And Benchmarks

The bottom line for the ASUS X79 Rampage Extreme is this: many motherboards made today are very similar in their feature set and their options, not true with X79 Rampage IV Extreme as it breaks the standard mold and recreates itself as the absolute king of X79 motherboards and a Solid Editors Choice Product. By Elric Phares

ASUS is probably the only company I know that hires guys like us to work with reviewers, and what I mean is ASUS has hired Gentlemen (I use that word Loosely, LOL) that used to be writers, and in that respect they know how to translate product information to writers and this is a big help when new products come out or when products also have an almost drowning amount of information to translate for us to absorb. This works out well for many reasons, key being reviews that translate into incorrect information, or that do not contain the proper information that the product is offering. This happens many times to many sites as solid reviewers are a hard commodity to find and lots of people just want a free product to fool around with and just make a rush review. I have been a victim of this writer problem many times, but with the way things are with ASUS that can be a good way to burn your bridge so the buck stops here. I l love and hate this, but embrace it as it only makes us better reviewers, which is better for you and everyone in the end as it should end the BS review patterns that happen sometimes with those only wanting product not caring about the real importance of well written and correct information reviews.

The R.O.G series of products is where ASUS lays down all the cards and says, okay lets make something that gamers will want to use and other companies will want to covet and break out the really good stuff. Foe the average overclockers and gamer ASUS Rampage Formula does the trick with enough bells and whistles to please all but the most intense overclockers. Now if you happen to be one of those Fugger, Kingpin types or would love to even try and be a home genius, well for that ASUS has a motherboard that has so many different features a small novel could be written about it, oh wait that's what we did. The X79 platform in itself is the High-End of Intel's platforms and any enthusiast who has the money or just the driving desire for the best wants this platform. ASUS wanting something even more High-End has an answer for that question, the answer? The ASUS X79 Rampage Extreme is just what the title implies Extreme, form its basic features to its more intricate electronic overclocking features this is thee epitome of High-End X79 motherboards. ASUS has integrated features that allow direct voltage control of the VGA cards as well as many more features that only the serious overclocker would ever even use and this is what makes this board Extreme.  I consider this review basically part 1 of a series of 3 reviews we will be bringing you on this motherboard, part 1 is basic testing, advanced features and non overclocked performance levels. Part 2 will be Overclocking with their new BIOS features and more testing, and finally part 3 will be building the PIT VIPER SYSTEM, which BTW features Dual HD 7970 Direct CU II cards wired directly to the motherboards and advanced GPU overclocking. For now lets delve a little deeper into the ASUS X79 Rampage Extreme.

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