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ASUS P8Z77 WS Review And Benchmarks: Page 8 of 8

If you want the absolute best with a no sacrifice attitude then the ASUS P8Z77 WS is just what the doctored ordered and earns a solid Editor’s Choice Product here at the Motherboard HomeWorld! By Elric Phares

P8Z77 WS Final Results

The motherboard is truly the backbone of your system and making the buying decision can be a daunting task if you are a very picky person, and sometimes you can even outthink the entire process and freeze yourself up with dilemma trying to wrap your brain around your needs versus your cash flow.  This motherboard we write about today is a powerhouse of a product and geared for those who use their motherboard for many different applications, but still want the best in gaming qualities. The entire ASUS channel stack has so many basic features that the P8Z77 lineup is solid all the way from the entry level P8Z77-V to the P8Z77 Premium that where your needs fit in can be a bit confusing. All the boards have the same overclocking abilities and BIOS options for that aspect of your needs so no need to differentiate the boards for that reason.

ASUS differentiates their motherboards by slightly different features with the mindset behind that of everyone has a different need or want and they want to fill it, hence the very large channel stack of Z77 boards. Being the new Flagship motherboard goes to the new Premium, but the WS was the top of the stack before that board’s release. In truth though the WS and the Premium share a lot of the same great features and the real difference comes in the way of native Thunderbolt, which the Premium has and the WS does not as of yet. There is also a big price difference as well and the WS is much more affordable. Nowadays the performance differences between the top scoring motherboard and the lowest ranking is a about a 6% maximum variance so features are what separate the good from the bad and from the evil.

If you did not read the whole review, but just skipped to the end the ASUS P8Z77WS Motherboard is packed with features that make it a suitable candidate for those looking for a motherboard to do music recording, video editing, large rendering projects or just do a lot of things at once and cannot afford to waste time with system lags or failures the WS is solid contender for your choice of motherboard.  You also get the absolute best in gaming features as well via the Lucid Virtu software for combining single card GPU power with that of the CPUs and the PLX chipset that provides

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