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ASUS P8Z77 WS Review And Benchmarks: Page 6 of 8

If you want the absolute best with a no sacrifice attitude then the ASUS P8Z77 WS is just what the doctored ordered and earns a solid Editor’s Choice Product here at the Motherboard HomeWorld! By Elric Phares

P8Z77 WS BIOS Features

 The BIOS of the P8Z77 WS is rather familiar which is great as it shares many characteristics with the ROG models included overclocking settings.


Things start off in the “EZ mode” which is ok for the most basic of settings but to get where we wanted we quickly get into the “Advanced” section.  Once in the advance section it drops you right into the main page which give some general board info along with stepping’s and firmware revision.  Moving into the Ai Tweaker we are now into the good stuff and this is where the bulk of your time will be spent when tweaking this board.

The Ai Tweaker has many options which lend themselves from the higher end ROG boards but not all of them.  The BIOS offers auto overclocking/tuning options but does not carry the performance preset like we had seen on the Maximus V Gene.  This is not really an issue as the Ai Overclock Tuner or even the OC Tuner will help with some nice auto overclock settings without much issue.  But if looking for the true potential you can just as easily tweak in your own custom settings and likely run the same or better as the automatic overclock and even shave a little off the voltage which will payoff in less heat output.

Everything in the Ai Tweaker menu is well laid out and just where it should be as anyone familiar with ASUS UEFI would have no issue finding the setting they want and also the adjustability is second to none when it comes to present BIOS adjustability.  There are an immeasurable amount of voltage, timings and skews available to tweak until you get the setting just where you want them to be.  This level of options may seem confusing to many as there are simply so many but many of them are just fine on auto and most basic overclocks can be established with minimal manual adjustments.

 P8Z77 WS Test Setup

P8Z77 WS Gaming Performance


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