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ASUS P8P67 Pro Motherboard Review

Overclocking options abound on the UEFI BIOS and I was able to get the multiplier above 46 on air giving a 4.6GHz overclock without much issue. If you’re looking for a solid board in this price range for your new Sandy Bridge Rig, the P8P67 Pro is a choice you won’t go wrong with. By Elric Phares

Intel has just launched Sandy Bridge CPUs and two new motherboard chipsets on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The combination of the replacement for the LGA-1156 CPUs, the Sandy Bridge CPU integrates the graphics chip onto the processor chip itself, rather than on the same die but separate from the CPU.  The LGA-1155 CPUs consist of three families the Core i7 with four cores and Hyper-Threading, the Core i5 with four cores and no Hyper-Threading and the i3 with two cores and Hyper-Threading.

The P67 chipset is the top of the line for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU support at the moment. This adds support for SATA 6 Gb/second per second ports, and more to the Intel motherboard line. The H67 chipset on the other hand, is designed to work with the integrated graphics on the Sandy Bridge CPUs and provide a tightly integrated system that only requires the keyboard, mouse, drives and memory besides the CPU and motherboard to make a full system perfect for HTPCs and casual gamers not wanting to buy external video cards.

ASUS of course is the number one manufacturer of motherboards in the world. With every new chipset from manufacturers like AMD and Intel and have done motherboards from others in the past like NVIDIA and VIA. With the launch of the P67 and H67 chipsets ASUS has gone into it full bore with a full lineup of both motherboards for different markets. Their 6 series chipsets have over 16 different models with different segments. Today’s review is of the ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard designed to be a mainstream board.

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