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ASUS Maximus V Gene Overclocking Review And Benchmarks

The Maximus V Gene is the epitome of small FF motherboards and offers no sacrifice looks and performance worthy of an Editors Choice here on the Motherboard HomeWorld! Thanks for reading. By Elric Phares

Asus has recently just been smashing the competition when it comes to what they are delivering in the motherboard market. From BIOS to new technologies and features they have been shoving the motherboard market forward with new cool tech with every board they release it seems. Not every tool or tweak they offer will help everyone but its still really bitchin to test these boards and see the obscene amount of capability built into the very core of the board and even seeing how the board is built from the ground up to support the features rather than shaping features to match a board.

Asus has its top model of the extreme performance and gaming offerings in the ROG moniker, and every generation it shows itself with not just steps but leaps forward in pwm technology, enthusiasts grade components, gaming centric extreme features and of course what seems like limitless amounts of overclocking potential. This sort of dedication to the hardcore enthusiasts is the reason that many overclocking communities are always waiting with baited breath for anything coming from the ROG gates before making buying decisions. Now not to sound to Biased here we always check out the newest tech from every manufacturer but we can honestly say that as of recent ASUS truly has been leading the pack when it comes to the features race. Also it is worth noting that with the recent generation of chipsets Asus has been able to set every board up so that the same amount of overclocking potential is available from the most basic board to the top ROG model. 

This does not mean that the most base model board will be taking world records on LN2 but when we hooked up the mini ITX Z77 to a basic phase change and had it bench stable at 5.5GHz that's nothing to scoff at since some of the fans used to cool the VRM components were almost as big as the board.The board we are looking at today is the Maximus V Gene which is the mATX offering from ASUS and being the ROG series we know it is simply stuffed full of features that will not only enhance the gaming experience but also the overall user experience with many awesome features and also performance capabilities that we believe will be tough to match.  We have seen a glimpse that we have already shown you guys of the upcoming Maximus V Formula board that should be out in another month or so, but for initial launch the ROG model available is this little guy.  Being little isn't always bad as this board is more targeted at the compact or LAN gamer that wants the best performance without sacrificing portability of the system as the same time. Also many ROG centric and awesome features are built in to still make this board an insane performer at its core since as mommy always said "œsize doesn't matter" or even better "œgood things come in small packages" Well let's find out shall we?

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