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ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Review And Benchmarks: Page 8 of 8

The battle between AMD and NVIDIA is a long raging one with each side taking the lead and then surpassing the other in leapfrog style action over and over with no end in sight. This is probably the only War effort I will ever support as at the sales counter this War equates to better pricing for every end-user in existence. The AMD 7970 Series of cards is the Top Dog of the approved by AMD card lineup and other than a rogue 7990 are the best cards you can get on the AMD side of the fence. By Elric Phares

HD 7970 DCUII Final Thoughts

The only thing that may be a drawback to using the ASUS Direct CU II cards is there size as these cards are much larger in size than your normal predatory 7970 due to their unique cooling solution that makes the card occupy more space in your PCIe lanes. I just want to get that out of the way because that is really the only negative point to make because beyond that it’s all-good from Top to bottom. When an ASUS card has the Top nomenclature added to the cards name it means its geared and already overclocked right from the factory at ASUS and if overclocking is your thing this is the series to be looking at if your dead on serious about your gaming.


One thing that really sets this series of cards apart is its ability to be connected directly to a supported ASUS motherboard and then control all elements of the cards voltage directly through the motherboard’s BIOS, which helps insure a much more stable and direct control set than your average VGA card.  Professional overclockers, you know those crazy fools that use LN2, will be very pleased with their ability to custom control the GPU and its voltage options.  GPU Tweak’s latest version has many of the previous bugs fixed and seemed to be working fine now and can be a solid tool for monitoring, changing fan speeds, adjusting voltage and core and memory speeds all from the Windows 7 environment.

AMD fans if you are looking for a solid gaming or overclocking VGA card then the ASUS HD 7970 Direct CU II Tope Edition card is one of the absolutely highest end versions you can get your little mittens on. In the labs and in videos we have done testing using a pair of these cards in a CrossFireX configuration and they do scare well in games that support the technology. With its unique fane tuning if you just install the cards and go you may sometimes think you don’t even have a card installed as the fans run very slow and quiet when not needed. The ASUS HD 7970 Direct Cu II Top Edition is one of the best designed in its class, quiet when needed, but also has enough cooling headroom to ensure a solid overclocking experience to boot. A solid Editor’s Choice for fans of the Read and Black attack is to be had in this card, its got all you need and more for all many different genres of gamers.

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