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ASUS HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP Review And Benchmarks: Page 3 of 8

The battle between AMD and NVIDIA is a long raging one with each side taking the lead and then surpassing the other in leapfrog style action over and over with no end in sight. This is probably the only War effort I will ever support as at the sales counter this War equates to better pricing for every end-user in existence. The AMD 7970 Series of cards is the Top Dog of the approved by AMD card lineup and other than a rogue 7990 are the best cards you can get on the AMD side of the fence. By Elric Phares

Advanced Features

Here the cooler as removed from the card.  Take note of the direct touch heatpipe base and notice the monster heatpipes used to quickly transfer heat away from the GPU.

Here is the card in all of its glory with the heatsink removed.  There are some key points we want to cover here.  Notice something ASUS has been pushing for quite some time with the SAP or “Super Alloy Power” components.  These are the kind of extreme VRM/PWM components that we like to see integrated on to products by default as the same engineering you see here is what makes ASUS motherboards the overclocking monsters that you have seen from our recent ASUS reviews.  Utilizing a DIGI+ power controller ensures super accurate voltage and frequency control of the power circuits while also allowing super-fast response times from these circuits which in turn will deliver the stability needed to push for those record overclocks.  This formula is not just all about performance though as many who push cards or overclocks regularly I am betting you have run across at least one card that had an inductor whine or screeching noise under a specific loading scenario.   The SAP components are designed to be stronger cooler and noise free under any loading scenario so that when you but a ASUS DirectCU II TOP card you will not be faced with such issues and will have more time to game or benchmark without diagnosing things like this.

 This is something we had covered previously in our Rampage IV Extreme review, and that is the VGA Hotwire function.  ASUS has engineered special solder points right at the edge of the PCB to allow volt modding easily without the hassle of trimmers or the risk of a slipped screwdriver bringing a quick end to the life of your GPU.

Here we see a standard LN2 setup with smoky LN2 pots billowing the fog of cooling from the pots and clouding the view of your adjustment trimmers for the voltage of your cards. Trying to adjust like this can be dangerous as either the screwdriver can slip and short the card causing a possible golden GPU to suffer an instant death or even over-trimming or adjusting the wrong trimmer causing damage to the card or a crash during a world record bench run.

Here we see what a standard GPU volt mod could look like but with the wires leading to various trimmers or adjusters.

This is the ASUS solution to these issues. With a compatible ASUS ROG motherboard such as the Rampage IV Extreme wires can be soldered directly to these points allowing direct voltage modification to the card without touching a trimmer as the board can make the adjustment for you!  Even in the fog of war ASUS ensures the key to victory is at your fingertips with the GPU Hotwire feature.


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