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ASUS HD 6870 Direct CU Video Card Review

This is great for those that want to really be able to immerse themselves in their games or for those that do a lot of multi-tasking. This particular card only has 1 gig By B. Ramirez

We have the new Asus HD 6870 Direct CU video card that we will be looking at today. This is a mid-range card that fits into the higher end spectrum for cards in this bracket. It retails for about 200 hundred dollars in most places. This review will be taking a look at the card itself, the features that are built into this card and how well it performs against the competition.

This card comes in at a price that is has a lot of competition right now. There are plenty of offerings from both AMD and NVIDIA in this price bracket. The naming scheme that AMD uses can be very confusing. The thing to remember is that the first number denotes the generation of card and the last three numbers give an indication of performance within that generation. So this is the latest generation of cards and it’s an 870 so that means that it is one of the better performing cards for this generation. This just means that it’s better than a 770 card, but not as powerful as a 970 card. This should help to clear up some confusion with AMD’s naming scheme.

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