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ASUS GTX 590 Dual GPU Video Card Review

If you want the most pixel pumping power and are a fan of NVIDIA video cards, the new GTX 590 is the best single card solution you can get your hands on, its fast, its quiet and it plays any game with all the bells and whistles going without losing a beat. By Elric Phares

The year is still in its early stages and yet we have seen the release of many a new video card in such a short time. Just recently AMD released their Dual GPU competitor the new Radeon HD 6990, and today March 25 2011 NVIDIA makes their mark on the consumer market by introducing their competition to the arena the all new GTX 590. The 590 is the first new Dual GPU card for NVIDIA since the GTX 295 we saw years ago, and it poses new breath for NVIDIA fans worldwide. Dual GPU video card cards are geared for the enthusiast and hard core gamer and not for the meek of heart or wallet, as they will open on sell day for $699.00 US at many distributors.

The GTX 590 has been in development for quite awhile now and one of the things that users will benefit from is the time spent in making sure not only was the card fast, but also noise efficient as well.  The card also coincides with the release of Crytek’s Crysis 2 a game sporting the made to be played on NVIDIA moniker in the beginning of the games splash screens. As we take a look at the card we will cover many facets of its design, its gaming abilities, how much power it requires to run the beast, and how hot does the card run. We will discuss and get into price, availability and whether its worth your hard earned cash in the conclusion, but for now let jump right in to the features.

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