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ASUS GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card Review

ASUS has done their homework on the new GTX560 Titanium DirectCU II Top Edition video card, its fast, overclocked and runs cooler than the standard referance cards from most manufactures with its unique design. By Elric Phares

Today is GeForce GTX 560 Ti day with the launch of the newest mainstream card in NVIDIA’s lineup replacing the GeForce GTX 470 SKUs as NVIDIA is not producing GeForce GF100 or its derivatives except for their Tesla and Quadro cards, it is only logical that they produce a GF104 derivative for the same market as the 460 is looking a bit dated. Various manufacturers are releasing GeForce GTX 560 cards today in both reference clock speeds and overclocked speeds.

When NVIDIA first announced the GeForce GTX 480, there was a bit of a letdown as it was not exactly what they showed when they first introduced the architecture with 480 CUDA cores (one Shader Multiprocessor disabled from a possible 16 ).  The modular nature of the NVIDIA GPUs means NVIDIA can disable clusters and sell a different card using the same chip. They did that with the GTX 470 which disabled another SM. Last year NVIDIA launched the GTX 460 card for the mainstream which used the GF104 chip. This chip had 384 Shaders on it with one SM disabled, meaning 336 SPs active. Today’s GeForce GTX 560 Ti chip uses the GF114 chip which has the same structure as the GF104 chip but with all SPs active.

ASUS is one of my favorite video card and motherboard manufacturers being the number one motherboard manufacturer in the world. They release new video cards every time AMD or NVIDIA releases a new card. Today as I stated is GeForce GTX 560 Ti launch day and ASUS is releasing cards to coincide with it. As is usual with their cards, ASUS is releasing overclocked versions of the GTX 560 Ti. Today’s review is on the newest card from ASUS the ENGTX 560 Ti DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5 card. This is the GTX 560 version of their DualCU II TOP card that was first introduced with the HD 6870 DirectCU II card that was recently launched. There is a ton of material to cover on the new card from ASUS so let’s start with the Features.

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