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ASUS GTS 450 DirectCU TOP Video Card Review

ASUS Unleashes their latest overclocked card into the VGA fray, the new ENGTS450 is aimed at the budget overclocker and has features to please most anyone. By Elric Phares

Today is GeForce GTS 450 day and as you can see we have comprehensive coverage with three separate reviews on NVIDIA cards, the GIGABYTE card, dual referance NVIDIA cards, and now the overclocked ASUS card.  The NVIDIA reference design is meant to show a frame of performance within NVIDIA standards, the ASUS version of the card is expected to really shine as the card is overclocked right out of the box. NVIDIA says their cards have shown good overclocking performance and with a launch card having an over 900MHz clock speed it shows that their partners are confident in the new card’s ability to perform. Aimed to compete with cards in the entry level arena this should be a good show for the folks in Green and Black as in a piss poor economy price factor can become the number one reason to purchase said companies card,

It’s interesting to note trends in modern day computing. The vast majority of video games sold today are not the high level DirectX 11 games like Aliens Versus Predator or Mass Effect 2 they are games like StarCraft II with three million sales since the game was released in August. This is surpassing all console games in terms of sales and with digital sales of games equal in 2009 to retail copies of games, the market is changing for the better. The hardware enthusiast with a GeForce GTX 480 or RADEON HD 5870 or 5970 card is rare, with sales of a little over 2 million units above the $200 price range on total sales of 15 million units according to Mercury Research. AMD has already filled the gaps with their HD 5770 and HD 5750 but NVIDIA has been selling their GTS 250s, which featured DirectX 10.0 support until today. Today, NVIDIA is launching their GeForce GTS 450 line with a vengeance. Every major partner is launching various cards including ASUS. ASUS has a long line of cards with the DirectCU copper cooling its features being among the highest end of their cards. Today I’m reviewing the ASUS GeForce GTS 450 DirectCU TOP card an overclocked hellcat for the entry level gamer.

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