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ASRock X79 Extreme4 Motherboard Review: Page 3 of 5

Not only does this board look great but it performs really great as well. There really is much more to say. It delivers amazing performance for its price and it looks good while doing it. You can’t ask for much more than that. With an all-black PCB and connectors this board is sure to be used in a large variety of builds. By B. Ramirez

X79 Extreme4 Exclusives

ASRock has become very well known for delivering great performance and features at a reasonable price. This board isn’t much different. It’s pretty much their mainstream board for this chipset and at the price of about 215 dollars this is a great deal. So let’s take a look at the specific features that set this board apart from the competition.

One of the main features that help to set this board apart is the quality of materials that were used to manufacture it. This board was manufactured with all Japanese Solid Capacitors that are coated in a premium gold coating for increased longevity and stability. This isn’t a feature that you’ll find on any of the competing motherboards with this chipset.

ASRock also includes support for their XFast LAN technology with this board. This has several benefits that users will appreciate. One of the first is that it will allow you to configure application prioritization. With the second feature you’ll get lower latency in online gaming. With the third feature you’ll get the ability to watch and download videos at the same time. Lastly, you’ll get to track and analyze your data streams in real-time. These are all great features that are sure to help to set this board apart from the competition. 

Another amazing feature that ASRock has included is support for their AXTU all-in-one tuning utility. This is one of the very best tuning utilities that are currently on the market. With most other similar utilities you’re lucky if they don’t immediately crash on startup. This one is very stable and has just about everything that you’d need to tweak and monitor your system. It also features a very easy to use and sharp looking interface. Everything is laid out very intuitively and it will let you control everything from your clock speeds to your system fans. Monitoring is also very nicely done and easy to read. This is a really great utility for improving your overall performance and monitoring your system.

ASRock has also added THX TruStudio audio support for this new motherboard. This is one of the very best integrated audio solutions that are currently on the market. You really have to hear it to believe it. Audio sounds very sharp and crisp with just about any type of media. It also is very clear and without the usual distortions that you’d normally get from an integrated audio solution. This is done with the use of Realtek’s ALC898 Audio codec. This audio codec supports full 7.1 HD audio that is just a pleasure to listen to. It really does require a good set of speakers though to do it justice. I have to admit though, that even with the headphones that we used you could still tell the difference between this and most other integrated audio solutions.

This board also features ASRock’s XFast RAM technology to improve and optimize memory usage. It starts with their 5X faster Photoshop Execution. What this does is it helps to enhance memory performance when Photoshop is being utilized. With the second feature you will have the ability to fully utilize over 3 gigs of memory even if you are only using a 32-bit operating system. As many of you know these operating systems are limited to 3 gigs of usable system memory. This technology will give you the ability to use over this limit and get all of the performance benefits that come with it. With the third feature you’ll get an enhanced web browsing performance due to improved memory utilization and performance. Lastly, you’ll get the benefit of an increased lifespan of your SSDs and HDDs. This is due to the way that accessing of these drives is reduced by this technology.

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