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ASRock Vision 3D Review: Page 4 of 5

3D televisions are vastly becoming the hottest thing on the market for people that want the theatre 3D experience right in their living room. They are a bit out of the price range for some consumers, but for those who can afford it will likely never feel the same about watching TV again. By Shane N.

Vision 3D Peformance

The performance of the Vision 3D unit is amazing. Having Windows 7 on the big screen is amazing for people that want show off nice presentations or just work off their TV while never leaving their bed. I know many people would love to do that since their HDTV is right in front of their bed. The unit comes with a 750GB HDD so the boot time was not as fast as using an SSD but it still loaded very quickly. And as I said before, the ability to upgrade the components inside the unit is a pretty nice addition. In case you use this product for a long time and want to upgrade it for better performance.

This product shoudl really interest people that got the 3D projectors when they were hot on the market. With this device and a 3D projector you can view all the 3D movies and media you ever wanted instantly. And the addition of the 7.1 HD audio and SPDIF ports are great for hooking up external speakers or a nice headset. An all around great product for 3D lovers.

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