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AOC i2367Fh 23" Thin-Bezel LCD Monitor Review: The Cake Is a Lie: Page 4 of 4

No matter how hard I try to admire the good qualities of AOC's latest thin-bezel monitor, the overall feeling I have is no different than the one I get at Burger King or (as the title implies) when making my way through Aperture Science. By Matt Whitlock


How you'll ultimately feel about this monitor will depend on your impression of it going in. I preordered it based off press photos and hype teasing a sexy-thin border that screams "EYEFINITY BABY!" I won't be the only one to make that mistake either, the box simply doesn't paint a clear picture of what's inside.

Anyone who buys this for the thin bezel will be disappointed, and likely won't get past it. Those who go in knowing the "thin-bezel" is total BS, and doesn't want to mount it on anything, will find a monitor equally suitable for gaming, movies, and productivity. Lots of other displays fit that bill, too.

Using this monitor made me feel exactly like I did the last time I ordered a burger at BK. The menu showed me images of a succulent, juicy, two-inch thick sandwich topped with creamy mayo, farm-fresh cheese, and fresh vegetables exploding out the sides.  What I got was typical fast-food fare, an overdone thin patty topped with generic cheese, a wimpy tomato, and lettuce that had been crisp yesterday.

It still tasted good, but I just simply couldn't enjoy it for what it was while severlely disappointed in what I was told it would be.

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