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AOC i2367Fh 23" Thin-Bezel LCD Monitor Review: The Cake Is a Lie: Page 2 of 4

No matter how hard I try to admire the good qualities of AOC's latest thin-bezel monitor, the overall feeling I have is no different than the one I get at Burger King or (as the title implies) when making my way through Aperture Science. By Matt Whitlock


For where it matters, the AOC i2367h performed admirably, particularly after diving into the settings through its decent (but not great) OSD. There are several presets for gaming, text viewing, movies, etc.,  which mostly affected the backlight and contrast levels. I found the movie setting to be the most to my liking, but was a little bright for viewing in a dark room.

Brightness with a white screen was mostly uniform across the edge-lit  display, although the extreme corners weren't perfect. With a black screen, black levels were noticeably gray, and you could see the backlight leak along the sides and top.  I was expecting far better color tracking for an IPS panel, but all gradient tests showed a fair bit of banding compared to other IPS displays I've used.

When viewing content instead of test patterns, only the light seepage on the edge was visible while watching video content and gaming if the screen was dark. Color and brightness looked good.  AOC claims a 5ms response time, and although I'd call that generous based on some motion tests, I didn't notice any ghosting in fast moving games.

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